Building Resilience & Preventing Burnout for Psychologists & Psychotherapists


DURATION: 12 hours

WHERE: Stirling, Scotland

COSTS: £320 (Early Bird Rate until 31/3/20), then £350


Building Resilience & Preventing Burnout for Psychologists & Psychotherapists

Building Resilience & Preventing Burnout for Psychologists & Psychotherapists:

The role of Schemas, Stress-Mindsets, Breath & Bodywork

Date –   October 1st & 2nd, 2020

Venue – The Golden Lion Hotel, 8-10 King St, Stirling, FK8 1BD, Scotland 

Trainers –

Dr. Susan Simpson, Advanced Schema Therapy Trainer, Clinical Psychologist.

Drs. Diana Kleijzen, Advanced Schema Therapist, Clinical Psychologist.

CPD – 12 hours of active CPD

Cost:  £320 (Early Bird Rate until 31/3/20), then £350


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This workshop provides an opportunity for therapists to develop self-awareness into the effects of their own underlying schemas & modes in the work setting.  Participants will be encouraged to examine their own underlying unmet emotional needs and schemas, and the way in which these interact with those of their clients, as well as their colleagues and work environments. In particular, the interactions between schemas and stress mind-sets will be explored in the context of exploring the link between threat-based coping and physiological responses in the body. Participants will learn about how unmet emotional needs can interfere with their own well-being and quality of life, whilst exploring ways of building a Resilient Healthy mode in the context of their own work environment.

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to practice different ways to build regular restorative practices (including breathing techniques, movement, micro-pauses) into their everyday work-life, in order to maintain equilibrium and build resilience. In the workshop a connection is being made between basic needs and bodily sensations, with helpful exercises to integrate these ideas into daily routines. Drawing on the available research on this topic, this workshop will enable participants to reflect on how they can better take care of themselves and build resilience.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Identifying schemas in your family of origin and how they may influence your work
  • Stuck points and difficulties encountered in therapy – how are your schemas involved?
  • Identifying your stress-mindset, and how this can interact with coping modes to either promote or hinder resilience in the work setting.
  • Recognising your own coping modes, and building a more resilient Healthy Adult self in the work setting.
  • Experiential exercises linked to schemas that have been shown to predict burnout.
  • Learning micro-restorative practices through breathwork and movement to reduce stress and promote resilience in the workplace
  • Exploring ways of changing work environments to build trust and resilience, whilst counteracting schema activation.


Whilst this workshop will highlight some important scientific findings, the primary focus will be on giving participants the chance to learn and try out some of our exercises. We aim to focus on our restorative energy in our daily professional and personal life.


Who is this workshop for?  This workshop is suitable for a range of professionals who practice psychotherapy, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurse therapists, and anyone working in mental health.


Dr. Susan Simpson is a Clinical Psychologist and Accredited Schema Therapy Trainer based in Scotland. She recently led a large international study that investigated the role of schemas and modes as predictors of stress and burnout amongst clinical/counselling psychologists and trainee psychologists. Based on this data, several papers have been published in leading psychology journals. For details of her publications on this and other topics, please visit:


Drs. Diana Kleijzen is a Clinical Psychologist and senior Schema Therapist based in the Netherlands. She works in a private practice. She has a special interest in the strength and weakness of our body and tries to integrate that in her therapies and daily life. In 2019 she joined the Secure Nest team, a company based in Australia, in their mission to  increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich the wellbeing of individuals.


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*Please note that this workshop will proceed with a minimum of 6 participants. In the case of insufficient registrations, participants will be given a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice of cancellation or postponement.

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The Golden Lion Hotel, King Street, Stirling, UK

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