Neurodiversity Affirming Schema Therapy I Online Workshop I October 2023 I Schema Therapy Scotland


DURATION: 3 hours

WHERE: Online



Neurodiversity Affirming Schema Therapy I Online Workshop I October 2023 I Schema Therapy Scotland

Event: STAND Attuned: Schema Therapy Affirming NeuroDiversity

Date: Thursday 26th October, 2023  (4pm-7pm AWST, GMT+8 ) 

RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR 2 MONTHS (even if you cant make it to the live event!)

Starting time converts to 8am in the UK and 9am CET

Trainers: Dr Emma DeCicco and Alyssa Garrett (Clinical Psychologists)

In Collaboration with Dr Susan Simpson, Advanced Schema Therapy Trainer/Supervisor

Registrations: Register Here

Fee: AUS$137

Participants will learn how to adjust neuro-normative assumptions to meet the needs of your neurodivergent clients

This training is for: Schema Therapy beginners, intermediates and advanced…everybody who wants to connect is welcome!

“With STAND Attuned, we venture into the uncharted territories of understanding and acceptance,
navigating the complexities of the human mind with compassion and expertise. Together with our
clients, we cultivate workability, unveil hidden potentials, and create an environment where
individuals can truly thrive and find harmony within themselves and the world around them.”

Innate neurodivergence (ND), such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, represent variations in
neurocognitive styles that are important contributors to human diversity and are not inherently
disordered. Distress and disability may occur in ND individuals when environments are not suited to
the person’s way of being (i.e., distal stressors) and core needs are unmet. Many ND people develop
mental health problems (i.e., proximal stressors) due to a fundamental mismatch between
neurotype and environment.
As an integrative model founded on the recognition of early developmental experiences and the
importance of meeting a person’s core needs, Schema Therapy (ST) is well-placed as an effective
therapeutic intervention for ND people experiencing mental health difficulties. Although ST provides
fertile therapeutic soil for working with neurodivergent clients, it harbors implicit neuro-normative
biases which direct both formulation and intervention. Such biases may create misattunement
between the therapist and ND client, adversely impacting diagnostic processes, as well as
intervention effectiveness. Thus neuro-affirming adaptations to the ST model are essential to
ensure attunement to client needs. The adaptations support clinicians to adopt accurate assessment
processes, establish appropriate therapy goals, adjust interventions and better support their clients
to achieve their therapy goals.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding in:
 Neurodivergence: Definitions & affirming language use
 How to identify and frame neurodivergence in therapy formulations
 STAND Attuned Model: Overview of the process of assessment & interventions
 Description and explanation of additional ND modes
 Adjustments to practices within schema therapy interventions
 Recognising barriers to treatment and strategies for overcoming these
 Attuning to neurodivergent client needs
 Where to find and access additional resources

Presenter Bios:

Dr Emma DeCicco

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of The Dash – Health Hub, BPsych, Psy.D, MAPS FCCLP CEDC

Emma has 15+ years of experience as a psychologist, working across a variety of professional settings providing clinical care, as well as delivering workshops and seminars. Drawing from knowledge across various therapeutic modalities, including Schema Therapy and EMDR, Emma’s passion lies in working with neurodivergence, trauma and complex eating disorders across the lifespan. Emma also completes assessments for medico-legal contexts, as well as Autism and ADHD. Currently serving as Clinical Director of The Dash – Health Hub, Emma supports her wonderful team, dedicated to delivering exceptional care across neuro, gender and sexual diverse populations. Emma is a Board Approved Supervisor, Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician, and Professional Practice Fellow of UWA.

Dr Alyssa Garrett
Alyssa is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in Private Practice for over 15 years. She specialises in working with complex and persistent psychological difficulties using evidence-based interventions, and has expertise in Schema Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In recent years Alyssa has actively upskilled in the Neurodiversity Affirming paradigm to better meet the needs of her neurodivergent clients. Central to Alyssa’s clinical practice is the presumption that the client is the expert on their own experience and is an equal collaborator in the enriching process of therapeutic change.

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