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Schema Therapy Scotland was founded by Dr. Susan Simpson, based on her enthusiasm for Schema Therapy. Schema Therapy Scotland is a specialist provider of workshops, consultation and certification related to Schema Therapy throughout Scotland and across Europe. Schema Therapy Scotland is certified by the ISST (International Society for Schema Therapy) to provide a standard and advanced accredited training program for therapists. We aspire to support therapists in developing strong skills in Schema Therapy, with a particular emphasis on schema mode work. Workshops are small, highly interactive and clinically practical.

In addition, we provide general less formal training for those interested in using Schema Therapy, but who do not wish to engage in the accreditation process. We also provide specialist workshops, including ‘Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders’ and ‘Therapists’ Own Schemas/ Self-Therapy for Therapists’, and bespoke workshops for organisations who are seeking a workshop that is adapted to the specific needs of their service and the clinical populations they work with.

Schema Therapy expands on traditional cognitive behavioural therapy by including elements of developmental and attachment theory, psychodynamic, gestalt and emotion-focused therapies into one integrative model. This approach addresses clinical problems using a flexible, formulation-driven approach covering 4 main areas: experiential (emotion-focused change), interpersonal (attachment focused), cognitive and behavioural. Schema Therapy has a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, using limited reparenting as an antidote to unmet needs from childhood.

A growing body of evidence indicates Schema Therapy is effective and has low attrition rates for a range of longstanding or complex clinical issues, including Personality Disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders and Forensic Populations. However, Schema Therapy is also suitable for anyone seeking psychotherapy to address current difficulties that are linked to self-defeating life patterns and longstanding emotional difficulties.

A proportion of proceeds from workshops is donated to a range of charities, including WWF-UK, Cool Earth & Plan International UK.

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Dr. Susan Simpson

Clinical Psychologist BA(Hons), MPsych (Clin), DClinPsychol.

Accredited Schema therapist & Supervisor and Trainer (International Society of Schema Therapy)

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

Susan Simpson is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience using schema therapy with complex clinical problems and personality disorders.  She has completed advanced certification as a trainer and supervisor both in Schema Therapy and Group Schema Therapy.  Susan completed her advanced schema therapy training with Dr. Jeffrey Young, Dr. Gunilla Fosse (Norway) and Dutch Schema therapy trainers (including A. Arntz, M. Nadort, H. van Genderen, M. van Vreeswijk).

She has extensive experience in the application of the schema therapy model with complex adult difficulties, eating disorders and personality disorders.  She has provided schema therapy workshops and supervision for psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals for over 25 years both within the public and private health settings. Susan runs schema therapy training workshops for ISST accreditation, as well as specialist workshops on schema therapy for eating disorders, and a schema therapy approach to preventing burnout in mental health professionals. Susan has published several research papers on schema therapy for complex eating disorders, and has presented her findings at numerous international conferences. Her current research projects are investigating the effectiveness of Group Schema Therapy for complex eating disorders; and the link between early maladaptive schemas and burnout amongst therapists.

Susan has practiced as a psychologist for 30 years in the UK, mostly within NHS Scotland in Adult Mental Health and Eating Disorder services. She also spent 6 years as Senior Lecturer and Psychology Clinic Director at the University of South Australia between 2010-2016, where she lectured on the postgraduate clinical psychology training program and provided schema therapy training across Australia for Schema Therapy Training Australia. She currently works in the field of Eating Disorders both in private practice and NHS Scotland, and continues to provide teaching and supervision in Schema Therapy across several countries. She continues as Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia.

For a list of Susan’s research publications click HERE

Dr Kirsty Gillings

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Level Certified Schema Therapist and Supervisor

Kirsty currently works full time in the NHS and provides private supervision in schema therapy. Her areas of special interest are complex trauma, addictive behaviour and psychosis. She maintains an active research profile through collaborations with the University of Dundee and NHS partners. In addition to schema therapy, she uses cognitive-behavioural and body-focused approaches in her clinical work, including mindfulness and sensorimotor psychotherapy. She has practiced Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga since 2005 which supports her clinical practice.

Chris Hayes 

Clinical Psychologist BSc (Hons) MPsych (Clinical)
Member of Australian Clinical Psychologist Association (ACPA)
Accredited Schema Therapist and Clinical Supervisor (International Society of Schema Therapy, ISST)
Former ISST Board Secretary, International Society of Schema Therapy

Chris has had extensive experience in both government and private settings working with clients with complex psychological presentations. Chris completed advanced certification in schema therapy at the Schema Therapy Institute in New York City (USA), and was trained directly by Dr Jeffery Young. He is an advanced Schema Therapist, supervisor and trainer, and has completed advanced level training in Schema Therapy including Group Schema Therapy; chair-work; "shorter term" Schema Therapy; and couples schema work. In addition, he has presented workshops in the Austria, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Chris started his career working with adolescents with emerging personality disorders and clients with substance abuse and co-morbid and complex psychological problems.  Chris was Co-Director of "Schema Therapy Workshops", a principal UK training provider of Schema Therapy to clinicians working within the National Health Service (NHS) as well as the UK prison service.

Chris is co-director of Schema Therapy Training Australia and Schema Therapy Training Online, which is a hub for online courses, workshop-style presentations, skills demonstrations, live group meetings, podcast recordings, and thoughtful reflection exercises and skills handouts. https://www.schematherapytraining.com/schemaonline

Robert Brockman

Clinical Psychologist

Accredited Schema therapist Clinical Supervisor (International Society of Schema Therapy) Sydney, New South Wales.

Robert Brockman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and clinical academic working out of Sydney, Australia. He is Director of Schema Therapy Sydney, a small schema- and trauma focused private practice in Sydney, and Co-director of schematherapytrainingonline.com, an online platform for schema therapy training. Robert also maintains an active research and teaching programme through his ongoing honorary appointment with the University of Technology Sydney. Robert regularly presents schema therapy training workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia through his association with Schema Therapy Training Australia.

Rob is co-director of Schema Therapy Training Australia and Schema Therapy Training Online, which is a hub for online courses, workshop-style presentations, skills demonstrations, live group meetings, podcast recordings, and thoughtful reflection exercises and skills handouts. https://www.schematherapytraining.com/schemaonline