Schema Therapy Scotland

Schema Therapy Scotland: Dr. Susan Simpson

Contact information for participants:

Dr. Susan Simpson is a chartered Clinical Psychologist and Advanced Schema Therapist, trainer and supervisor with the ISST, with over 20 years of experience using the Schema Therapy model. Susan originally trained with Jeff Young, and Dutch and Norwegian Schema Therapy trainers.   She has worked across a range of adult NHS settings and private practice both in Scotland and overseas.

Susan has extensive experience treating a range of complex clinical problems, including personality disorders, complex trauma and eating disorders. She has been training and supervising others in Schema Therapy for several years. Susan has run regular Schema Therapy workshops within an ISST accredited program across Australia over the past 6 years. In addition, she has published several research papers and book chapters on schema therapy, and is currently involved in a range of international research projects. She has provided ongoing Schema Therapy training for Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and psychiatrists. Susan runs an ISST approved certification training programme based in Scotland (Edinburgh) and northern England, and provides specialist supervision and consultancy leading to Schema Therapy accreditation.

About the Programme

Schema Therapy Scotland offers an ISST-approved Certification Training Programme. The training includes two 3-day workshops that includes all of the key training and meets criteria for accreditation with the ISST. The workshops are designed to give participants the opportunity to apply their learning to their own clinical work, with ample opportunities for interactive learning.  The training has a focus on the schema mode model, and includes content focused on the theoretical underpinnings of the model, cognitive, interpersonal, experiential and behavioural techniques.

Workshops are held in Edinburgh, Scotland as well as other locations across the UK and abroad.

Susan is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with a background in the NHS and in particular working with complex personality disorders, complex trauma and eating disorders.

Upcoming Events

Workshop 1: “Schema Therapy: The Model, Method and Techniques” (3 days – early bird rate: £420, then £500)

Edinburgh, Newcastle – for details, click on WORKSHOPS tab. 

This workshop provides dyadic and didactic training in schema therapy, with an emphasis on schema mode work through demonstrating and teaching experiential, cognitive, interpersonal and behavioural techniques:

  • Theoretical model of Schema Therapy, with an emphasis on the Schema Mode Model
  • Assessing and formulating Borderline Personality & other complex cases using the Schema Mode Model
  • Limited reparenting
  • Imagery for assessment, schema healing and behavioural change
  • Chair work for combatting maladaptive coping modes
  • Imagery work to confront the Punitive mode and fight Early Maladaptive Schemas
  • The structure and style of Schema Therapy
  • Working effectively with endings


Workshop 2: “Schema Therapy: Beyond the Basics” (3 days – early bird rate: £420, then £500)

Edinburgh,  Newcastle – for details, click on  

This workshop provides dyadic and didactic training in schema therapy, with an emphasis on schema mode work through demonstrating and teaching advanced techniques:

  • Formulating Narcissistic, and other personality disorders with the schema mode model
  • Advanced Schema Therapy techniques for bypassing narcissistic and avoidant coping modes
  • Limited reparenting – advanced skills
  • Utilising the therapeutic relationship to bring about change
  • Advanced skills (imagery and chair work) for challenging the Punitive Mode (self-criticism)
  • Working with Angry Child mode
  • Empathic confrontation
  • Managing self-harm and suicide risk
  • Behavioural pattern-breaking
  • Self-therapy for therapists’ own schemas triggered in therapeutic settings
  • Research review for the efficacy of Schema Therapy for BPD and other complex client groups



Specialist Workshops:  

  • Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders
  • My Schemas and Me: How to Increase Self Awareness, Resilience & Improve Therapeutic Outcomes